Bermuda Stock Exchange

The world’s first crypto ETF to be traded on BSX


Hashdex will officially launch the world’s first crypto ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), the Brazilian asset manager announced on Feb.9.

The fund, named the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF, is available for trading on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) for accredited non-US investors (non-tradable shares are available through private placement for Accredited US Investors and Non-US Investors). The product is a regulated and simple solution for institutional investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

The ETF tracks the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI), which was developed by Nasdaq and Hashdex. The index is designed to represent the investable landscape of the cryptocurrency market through strict eligibility criteria. It rebalances quarterly to achieve a current representation of the market. It is maintained by Nasdaq’s calculation agent, CF Benchmarks.

BSX was chosen in light of Bermuda’s advanced regulation of the digital assets market. BSX announced the listing approval in September 2020. Now, with the beginning of trading, the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF marks the beginning of a new era in the global cryptocurrency market.

Exposure to the Nasdaq Crypto Index is also available to Brazilian investors through a family of feeder funds managed by Hashdex and available in the country’s main investment platforms.

“With support from Nasdaq, Nasdaq’s calculation agent CF Benchmarks, and BSX, we’re delighted to bring to market the world’s first crypto ETF. This is a great achievement that shows the maturity of the cryptocurrency market, which garnered a much higher level of respect in 2020. In addition, the launch also consolidates our presence as a relevant global player in this segment”, says Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex. “The product should also accelerate the entry of institutional investors in crypto, a trend that has gained incredible momentum in the past months.”

“Institutional interest in Digital Assets is growing rapidly, which necessitates the creation of an adaptable industry standard index that can both accurately represent the market and remain a relevant benchmark as the asset class matures,” said Stephen Koshansky, Head of Digital Asset Index Products and Research at Nasdaq. “Nasdaq has worked closely with Hashdex to design criteria for a rules-based methodology that we believe accomplishes these objectives.”

Hashdex is an asset manager created with the mission of building a bridge between traditional financial markets and the crypto market in a simple, safe and regulated way. Founded in early 2018 with capital from Silicon Valley investors by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the financial and technology market and deep knowledge in crypto and blockchain, the company offers index, passive and actively-managed crypto funds and has experienced accelerated growth in the past twelve months.