World Shipping Council appoints leading profiles

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The World Shipping Council (WSC) welcomes to the team Mr John Bradshaw, in a global role as Technical Director for Environment and Safety, and Dr James Corbett as Environmental Director, Europe.

“One of WSC’s most important tasks is to work for the decarbonisation of the shipping industry and the reduction of shipping’s environmental impact, helping to develop the most effective regulatory path to get us there. John Bradshaw and James Corbett are leading experts in this field and an extremely important and welcome addition to our team at a pivotal time for the industry,” says WSC CEO and President John Butler.

John Bradshaw will begin work as Technical Director for Environment and Safety in mid-May, starting first from his current location in the UK and then moving to Singapore with his family. In addition to supporting environmental work at the IMO and the EU, John will expand WSC capabilities in the Asia Pacific region on both environmental and safety matters.

John is a maritime regulatory specialist and marine engineer with a broad range of senior level experience with maritime engineering, technical and policy matters, including representing the shipping industry at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In his current position as Technical Director at the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), his work has focused on climate change mitigation measures and emissions to air.

John Bradshaw World Shipping Council
John Bradshaw, Technical Director for Environment and Safety at World Shipping Council

“I am very excited to join WSC in Singapore. Professionally, I look forward to giving back to the liner shipping industry where I started my career as an Engineer Officer at sea, helping to develop the most efficient way to decarbonise the industry. Moving to Singapore will also bring me and my family closer to relatives and roots, which we all look forward to,” says John Bradshaw.

James Corbett (P.E., Ph.D.) will fill a new position as Environmental Director, Europe, where he will work with WSC colleagues and members on the very full environmental agenda built around the EU Green Deal initiative. Coming on board full time as of 1 April, he will start work from the U.S. and make the move to Brussels as soon as possible.

James is a leading expert on vessel air emissions and transportation environmental policy, and today is a Professor at the University of Delaware and research consultant. He is a Principal at the Energy and Environmental Research Associates (EERA) and a widely published scholar who conducts technology-policy research related to transportation, including ground-breaking research on air emissions from maritime transport, energy and environmental impacts of freight transportation, and assessment of technological and policy strategies for improving goods movement.

Dr James Corbett World Shipping Council
Dr James Corbett, Environmental Director, Europe, World Shipping Council

“Working more directly with the policy community and shipping leaders on stewardship goals like decarbonisation is exciting and important. The liner shipping industry has committed to innovative decarbonisation. I look forward to help build an EU environmental policy that contributes to shipping’s path towards this goal. My new role with WSC in Brussels provides me the opportunity to be of greater service in this shared effort,” says James Corbett.

The 19 members of the World Shipping Council represent approximately 90 percent of the global liner vessel capacity and transport approximately 160 million TEU annually. They have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in ships, port terminals, trucking companies; warehouses and technology in order to ensure a wide variety of options continue to exist for safe, dependable and economical international cargo transportation.