Robotics cafe startup Ratio raises $10m

Ratio Robot

Singapore-based robotics cafe startup RATIO has raised $10 mln in series A round led by Frasers Property, a multinational real estate and property management company that develops, owns, and manages properties in across the globe. Other investors backing RATIO are JustCo, zVentures, ORO and more high-profile individuals.

A cafe by day and a lounge by night, RATIO has robots working hand in hand with its Food &Beverage staff — “ratiologists” — to offer “super drinks and exceptional services to consumers.”

“RATIO’s obsession with precision is driven by science. Every individual has genetically unique sensory capacities for bitter, sweet, and umami. No two taste palates are exactly alike. That’s why unique and individual drink profiles are the guiding principles at RATIO” the startup says.

After launching several outlets in China since 2018, it has opened its first branch in Singapore at The Centrepoint, in conjunction with JustCo — Asia Pacific’s leading premium flexible workspace provider.

All of RATIO’s stores in China and Singapore are run by people, and the purpose of the robots are to relieve the staff from repetitive tasks.

“Robots and A.I. are not here to replace the human touch. There are here to execute human orders, enabling our team of Ratiologists, trained by Asia’s best taochews, baristas and mixologists, to create that personal touch, so humans can do what humans do best — communicate and have great conversations” Founder and CEO of RATIO, Gavin Pathross told Vulcan Post.

Founded in 2017, the startup plans to expand quickly. More than a dozen outlets are in the pipeline at leading airports, malls, hotels and co-working spaces across Asia.

“Respect the craft. Taste the Future. Digital coffee tailored to your own Ratio.”

Looks like the idea to disrupt the F&B industry is gaining ground. Who knows if robotic bartenders will be the norm in the future?