Foreo UFO2, beauty world’s Swiss Army Knife


Beauty salons are great. They make us feel cared for, healthy, beautiful, at peace. However, the latest gadget in beauty tech called UFO2 by Swedish firm FOREO aims to give you a full facial in
in two minutes or less. And you’ll achieve clear skin, fresh complexion and dazzling glow from the comfort of your very own home.

With sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, onboard heating and plush microfiber masks steeped in premium plant extracts, the device provides the ultimate facial treatment and even lets you know when your treatment is coming to an end. It’s fun and relaxing to use.

The masks themselves are made in Korea, so you’re getting the benefit of cutting edge skincare combined with Swedish technology. There’s something for all ages and all skin concerns. Your skin is nourished after using the device, with a glow that lasts into the next day.

To use the device, first download the FOREO For You app, select a UFO-activated face mask and start the treatment on the app. When prompted by the app, apply the UFO 2 to the face in a gentle, circular motion. The device will turn off after 90 seconds, at which point the face mask can be thrown away and the UFO 2 can be rinsed clean with running water.

FOREO was founded in 2013 in Sweden. The company had just two employees. Today, FOREO has over 3,000 people spread over dozens of international cities and has sold over 36 million products in 75+ countries. The innovative company’s very first product, LUNA, was so unique they were forced to invent a whole new beauty sub-category just for them—beauty-tech. The first LUNA sonic and silicone facial cleansing brush came out in 2013 to take the industry by storm. LUNA soon became the darling of the beauty world. For millions, it still is. For you?