Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad International Airport/ Photo: Vitaly Belousov/Sputnik

Rocket attack near US military base Camp Victory in Baghdad


At least three rockets impacted near US military base Camp Victory in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport (BGW) early on Friday (April 23). The projectiles reportedly fell in a vacant area of the base. An Iraqi soldier was wounded, according to a Sky News Arabia correspondent. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

An Iraqi military statement said Iraqi security forces found and defused more unfired rockets placed on the rooftop of an empty house that was used to launch the rockets.

It is the latest in a string of rocket attacks that have primarily targeted American installations in Iraq in recent weeks. On Sunday (April 18), at least five rockets hit the Iraqi military air base at Balad north of Baghdad, wounding two Iraqi soldiers. Last month, a base in western Iraq housing U.S.-led coalition troops and contractors was hit by 10 rockets. One contractor was killed.

Since January, there have been more than 20 bomb or rocket attacks against American interests, including bases hosting US soldiers.

Last week, the US committed to withdrawing all remaining combat forces from Iraq, although the two sides did not set a timeline. The announcement came as the Biden administration resumed a “strategic dialogue” with the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

“The parties confirmed that the mission of US and coalition forces has now transitioned to one focused on training and advisory tasks, thereby allowing for the redeployment of any remaining combat forces from Iraq, with the timing to be established in upcoming technical talks,” a joint statement said.

In his final months in office, Trump had ordered a drawdown from Iraq as well as Afghanistan, with the number of US troops in each country dipping to 2,500 by January 15.

In January three rockets were reportedly set off near Baghdad International Airport. Multiple rockets landed on the perimeter of the airport in September, as well.

With reporting by Sky News Arabia, AFP, Mehr News Agency