Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers new leadership


Last month (April 8), Lord Mountevans FICS (Hon) completed his term as President of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and handed over to Kevin Shakesheff FICS.

During his tenure Lord Mountevans helped guide the Institute through the recent challenging times. He supported senior officers and staff during a difficult period for the Institute with his calm, wise counsel and advice.

Kevin Shakesheff FICS becomes the Institute’s 58th President in its 110 year history. Shakesheff has a great knowledge of the Institute and has extensive business experience. He has been a member since 1974, Institute Chairman 2007-09 and has been active within the North East of England and South Wales and the West branches for many years as well as being on Federation Council.

Shakesheff is Chairman and former Managing Director of Casper Shipping, a leading UK port agency, logistics and marine services business. He is also Co-Founder and former Chairman of the High Tide Foundation – an independent charitable foundation that delivers life changing career experiences for young people and increases awareness and engagement within the shipping sector and its supply chain.

He is currently Vice Chairman of the Mission To Seamans (North Tees and Hartlepool). He has an unwavering passion for education, supporting young people and for the Institute.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is the professional body for all members of the commercial shipping industry worldwide. It was founded in 1911 and awarded a Royal Charter in 1920.

The Royal Charter required the Institute not only to provide a proper education for its members and set examinations, it also insisted on a system of discipline so that any member acting in a discreditable manner would be censured, suspended or even expelled; in the latter case details may be published without any fear of legal action.

That is, of course, still the case and, although action by the Discipline Committee is rarely needed, the committee members never shrink from their duty. The 1920 Charter had stipulated that members of the Institute must be British-born. This rule was amended in 1947, allowing to citizens of Commonwealth countries to become members.

The London-based Institute sets and examines the syllabus for membership, providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals. It is the only internationally recognised professional body in the commercial maritime arena and it represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world.

The Institute now has 26 branches of which seven are in the United Kingdom and 4,000 individual Members and Fellows. Members of the Institute are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry. As part of a professional body, members enjoy the benefits of an enhanced career in the shipping industry.