La Cosecha del Dia

La Cosecha del Día is Equador’s First Farmer-Owned Online Marketplace


Ecuador’s first farmer-owned marketplace for agroecological food products named La Cosecha del Día has been launched by a coalition of four farmer producer organizations. The digital platform offers 200 products (from vegetables and fruits to seafood, grains, flours, natural herbs, snacks and baked good ) produced by 400 mainly women small-scale producers.

The organisations are the Agroecological Solidarity Economy Network of the Kayambi Territory (RESAK) in Pichincha, a province, north-central in Ecuador; The Association Pamar Chacrin of the Sigsig canton in Azuay province; The Network of Producers of Guayabillas of the Parish of Pacto in the northwest of Pichincha province; and The Association of Agroecological Producers (APA) in Azuay province.

The online marketplace will help local farmers that are part of Heifer Ecuador’s Future of Food program to increase the supply of fresh, safe, healthy food, to families across the country

“As an online store built and owned by farmers, La Cosecha del Día guarantees farmers a fair price for their agroecological crops, while providing consumers with fresh, safe food,” said Rosa Rodriguez, country director of Heifer Ecuador.

The online marketplace currently delivers to the cities of Quito and Cuenca, with plans to expand delivery to more cities across the country. Customers are able to schedule deliveries, with the food harvested on the day of delivery and can see the full history and traceability of the products they purchase, increasing awareness of where their food comes from, while promoting local farmers who are producing high-quality, sustainable food.

La Cosecha del Día was built by farmer producer organizations following standards that support sustainable food systems:

Quality: Food sold on the marketplace is produced on farms practicing agroecology, balancing soil cycles and free from chemicals. Consumers receive fresh fruits and vegetables that are harvested the day orders are received.

Environmental: The distribution and consumption of local food reduces emissions from transportation.

Social Justice: Farmers are paid a fair price for their products that is affordable for consumers, supporting local farming families to improve their incomes.

Data Security: The marketplace is a secure way to shop for food online with a credit card.

Run by youth of the farmer producer organizations, La Cosecha del Día will strengthen the commercial and technological capacities of the organizations involved in the platform, further supporting small-scale producers to grow their farm businesses.