CFD trading

Appetite for CFD trading with NDFs and EMs


Sheer Markets launched live streaming of contract for difference (CDF) Non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) and Emerging Markets currencies (EMFX), allowing retail traders and institutional clients to enter an untapped market with new investment potential.

The Cyprus-based company provides retail traders and corporates accessibility to trade with a range of NDFs such as the Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, and Korean Won, which have largely not been accessible until now. Of note, over the past 12 years, a 300% increase in volume has been recorded in NDFs.

“It is with great excitement that we take our first step in introducing the online trading community to NDFs, as this is a product with unprecedented investment potential which has long remained undeveloped. As the economies of EMFX and NDFs develop further, demand for these types of products from existing and new FX users is set to widen and accelerate, accompanied by an expansion in liquidity and increased turnover. So far, there has been no viable streaming NDF service through many of the regular online trading platforms. Sheer Markets will now be there to fill that gap and meet that need” Sheer Markets Co-Founder and Chairman Alex Ladouceur commented.

In addition to live streaming NDFs, EMFX and FX, Sheer Markets also offer trading CFD trading in cryptocurrencies, equities, indices and commodities.

Sheer Markets is a newly established financial institution that received a regulatory license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) late in 2020.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Triennial Central Bank Survey provides the most comprehensive information about the size and structure of global NDF markets. According to the Basel-based bank’s survey, Asia accounts for three of the top four NDF currencies by volume. The
Indian Rupee, the Korean Won and Taiwan’s dollar accounted for 55% of total daily global NDF turnover of USD258 billion as of April 2019. The Chinese Yuan accounts for another 5% of global NDF turnover.

Outside of Asia, the Brazilian real (14%) and the Russian ruble (2%) have sizeable NDF markets. NDF trading in Indian Rupee, Taiwan’s dollar and Korean Won experienced the fastest growth since 2016, rising 204%, 168%, and 100%, respectively.

London is the world’s largest NDF trading hub where Korean Won and Indian Rupee are the most widely traded NDFs, Bank of England NDF volume data for London,  showed. Tokyo is an important NDF trading hub in Asia and the Korean Won, Indian Rupee, Taiwan’s dollar, and Indonesian Rupiah are the most widely traded NDF currencies there.