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Established in 1886 as the Bolsa Mercantil de Mexico, the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) is the country’s main full-service securities exchange and Latin America’s second-largest stock exchange (after Brazil) in terms of market capitalization of listed companies. There are approximately 148 companies in total on the BMV in 2021 with an aggregate market capitalization of over $530 billion.

The BMV was created out of the merger of the three stock exchanges which formerly operated in Mexico: The Bolsa de Valores de México, which operated in Mexico City, the Bolsa de Occidente (Occidental Stock Exchange) in Guadalajara serving the West coast of Mexico, and the Bolsa de Monterrey (Monterrey Stock Exchange) which grew to serve the entire North of the country. The BMV is headquartered in Mexico city and adopted its current name in 1975. The exchange kept modernising with its trading system becoming fully electronic in 1999.

The exchange was privately owned for 114 years most recently by a group of banks and brokerage firms. The BMV is now a public company following its IPO on 13th June 2008 and its shares are traded on the BMV equities market under the ticker code BOLSAA.MX. Over 13,600 individual investors bought shares in the IPO (Mexico’s first IPO) which were priced at 16.50 pesos.

Other milestones include the first listing of a foreign company (Citigroup) in 2001, opening the door to many new companies to do the same, especially from Central and South America.

In 2014, the BMV, announced its first trade made as part of the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA), a programme that integrates the stock exchange markets of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.  The trade on MIILA was a $1,415 purchase of 200 shares in Chilean retailer Falabella.

BVM Group is the operator of BVM and is a fully integrated Exchange Group that operates cash, listed derivatives and OTC markets for multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income and exchange traded funds, as well as custody, clearing and settlement facilities and data products for the local and international financial community.

The S&P/BMV IPC is the main benchmark stock index of the BVM and represents the largest and most liquid stocks on the exchange.

The National Banking and Securities Commission is the main regulator of the BVM.

Mexico Stock Exchange CEO





José Oriol Bosch Par

Mr José Oriol Bosch Par serves as Chief Executive Officer for Bolsa Mexicana de Valores BMV since 2015. In his past career he was Member-Financial Markets Commission at Asociación de Bancos de México and Chief Executive Officer at JPMorgan Casa de Bolsa SA de CV. He received an undergraduate degree from Universidad Panamericana.


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