Robert Kiyosaki: “Financial Tragedy Is Coming” – We’ll Go Into Poverty And Starvation

In this video, Robert Kiyosaki said: “We’re hardcore gold, silver and Bitcoin and all this. I’m a hard asset guy. So it’s good news for us, but it’s bad news, for the boomers, very bad news.

Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard:  Interview with Mark Minervini

In this episode, Market Chat has a very special guest: Mark Minervini. Over his career Mark has achieved incredible performance including a 5 and a half year period where he achieved an average annual return of 220% for a total of 33,554% Return over 5 years.

Nouriel Roubini: Cryptocurrencies don’t have any fundamental value

Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Macro Associates CEO and NYU Stern School of Business Professor, joins Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche to discuss the state of the global economy, the crypto market, and relations between U.S. and China.

Swing Trading Secrets Revealed

CEO of Cambridge House, Jay Martin, interviews Founder of Technical Traders, Chris Vermeulen, on how to be a good trader in stock market. Vermeulen shares expert advice around swing-trade indexes, stocks, ETF’s, precious metals, and energy with technical analysis.

Anton Kreil’s Interview with Chris Cathey

Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Anton Kreil interviewed Senior Trading Mentor Chris Cathey in London on his career in the financial markets and his experiences teaching and mentoring Retail Traders through the Institute.

Stephen Kalayjian on how to be a Great Day Trader

Five Keys to being a Great Day Trader! Advice from 36 year veteran Trader Stephen Kalayjian
Stephen Kalayjian trades Forex, Futures and Equities calling Marketing Direction and capturing opportunities in the Stock Market everyday.

Advancing Crypto with Sudhu Arumugam

Advancing the Crypto Ecosystem—Post Two Decades of Institutional Trading w/ Sudhu Arumugam. Joining Aaron Fifield  on this episode is Sudhu Arumugam, the co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of cryptocurrency futures exchange CoinFLEX.

A lesson in risk taking with Aaron Brown

The former risk manager of a $200 billion fund, Aaron Brown, gave an interview to Aaron Fifield.
Brown is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of risk taking. For the past 30-years he’s worked as a dedicated risk manager, and for the past decade, Aaron was the risk manager for renown quant fund, AQR.

Legendary trader Peter Brandt interview

Brandt, who trades since 1975, shares lessons from 40 years of extraordinary returns. In an valuable interview with Aaron Fifield, the legendary trader is generous with his insights and wisdom on the art of trading and shares his wealth of knowledge.

Market Wizards’ Jack Schwager interview

Jack D. Schwager, a well-known author, fund manager and an industry expert in futures and hedge funds, shares the key lessons learned from many of the worlds greatest traders. He has published a number of books including Market Wizards which consists of a collection of interviews with some of the most successful traders across most financial markets.