Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
(Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro)

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro shows clinical improvement


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is still in hospital but will not need surgery, doctors said on Tuesday (Jan. 3).

Brazil’s leader was taken to a Sao Paulo hospital early on Monday (Jan. 3) with a suspected intestinal obstruction. He tweeted a picture of himself flashing a thumbs-up from his hospital bed.

“I started to feel sick after Sunday lunch,” he wrote, saying he arrived at the hospital at around 3 a.m.. “They inserted a nasogastric tube. More tests will be done for possible surgery for internal obstruction in the abdominal region.”

The President arrived in Sao Paulo at around 1:30 am, after leaving Marechal Luz Fort, in San Francisco do Sul, on the coast of Santa Catarina state, where he had spent New Year’s Eve.

“President Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s intestinal subocclusion has been eliminated, with no need for surgery,” the Vila Nova Star hospital in Sao Paulo said in a statement on Tuesday (Jan. 4).

The President showed “satisfactory” clinical improvement after the introduction of the nasogastric tube, evolving without fever or abdominal pain and will start a liquid diet on Tuesday, the statement added. No date has been set for his release.

Bolsonaro, 66, has undergone at least four surgeries since being stabbed in the abdomen during the 2018 election campaign. At the time, he was operated on by Dr. Antonio Luiz Macedo, the same doctor who has treated him since.

The president was admitted to hospital in July for another intestinal obstruction, following days in which he appeared to struggle with speaking at times and said he suffered from hiccups that could go uninterrupted for days. At the time, he didn’t require surgery to recover.

Bolsonaro has been in power since 2019 and plans to stand for re-election as president in a vote scheduled for October this year.

UPDATE 05/01/2022

Bolsonaro released from hospital

Bolsonaro was cleared to leave the hospital on Wednesday (Jan. 5). The Brazilian president posted a photo on Twitter of himself surrounded by his doctors. The president has recovered and is ready for work, his doctor, Antonio Macedo, told reporters. He added the President will be on a special diet on weekends and will not be able to perform intense exercise.

With reporting by Agencia Brasil, Reuters, AP, The Rio Times