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Thursday 03/03/2022 Romanian Daily News In Brief


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A military MiG-21 LanceR and a military helicopter crashed in Dobrogea. The pilot of the plane and 7 soldiers in the helicopter died.

A MiG-21 plane of the Romanian aviation crashed on Wednesday evening, after taking off from the Mihail Kogalniceanu base for an air patrol mission over Dobrogea. An IAR 330-Puma helicopter sent on a search-and-rescue mission also crashed and 7 soldiers aboard the aircraft lost their lives. On Thursday, at 2:00, the Ministry of National Defense announced that the pilot of the fighter plane was found dead.

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PM meeting with EC president on the situation in Ukraine and its humanitarian impact

On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to discuss the security situation in Ukraine and the management of the flow of refugees from that country.

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Rareș Bogdan harshly criticized Hungary’s decision to block refugee access without biometric passports. Romania intervened and solved the problem

PNL MEP Rareş Bogdan declared, on Wednesday, in the Talk News show on Profit TV, that huge queue of cars were formed on the Romanian border with Hungary. All after the EU neighbor country did not allow refugees from Ukraine who did not have biometric passports to enter to Hungary.

Is the green certificate disappearing from Romania ?! Klaus Iohannis’s last-minute announcement

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, will participate on Friday, March 4, at 14.00, in a meeting on the management of the coronavirus pandemic, which will take place at the Cotroceni Palace

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European Commission Approves Establishment Of Humanitarian Corridor For Ukraine

The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday approved the establishment of a humanitarian corridor for Ukraine, an initiative promoted by Romanian MEP Victor Negrescu and backed by some 90 MEPs.


President Iohannis thanks PM Costa for Portugal’s decision of deploying 174 soldiers in Romania

President Klaus Iohannis had a phone call on Wednesday with the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, whom he thanked for Portugal’s decision of deploying 174 soldiers in Romania.

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Romania must decide with whom it is involved in the energy war: with Russia or with Europe?

While the whole of Europe is struggling to get rid of Russia’s energy dependence, Romania is doing its best: it continues to undermine the energy sector with all its might.

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Constanta port takes over traffic from the ports of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

Romania’s Black Sea port of Constanta takes over supplementary traffic: ships that should have arrived in the ports of the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine, but due to the military conflict in Ukraine the ships no longer have access to neighboring countries, being forced to reach local ports.

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Romanian lender BCR exchanges Ukrainian hryvnia to RON

Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Romania now have the opportunity to exchange their money directly into RON at BCR branches, the bank announced on its Facebook page. BCR’s decision comes after several Ukrainians complained that they could not use their money as no bank or currency exchange office change it.

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A joint Romania-Poland government meeting takes place on Thursday, March 3, in Warsaw.

The action takes place in the context in which, 101 years ago, in 1921, Romania and Poland signed the bilateral treaty of defensive alliance against Russia.


More than 1,400 Ukrainian citizens apply for asylum in Romania

More than 1,400 Ukrainian citizens have applied for asylum in Romania since the beginning of the conflict in the neighboring country, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) reported on Thursday.