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Thursday 03/03/2022 World Facts In Brief



Russian troops enter strategic Ukrainian port of Kherson

Russian troops were in the centre of the Ukrainian port of Kherson on Thursday after a day of conflicting claims over whether Moscow had captured a major urban centre for the first time in its eight-day invasion.

. AP (USA)

Historic exodus: 1 million Ukraine refugees flee in just 7 days

The U.N. refugee agency said Thursday that 1 million people have now fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion less than a week ago.


West itself rejected dialogue on establishing new security architecture, says Lavrov

Western countries refused to discuss the establishment of a new European security architecture with Russia, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Al Jazeera.


Battle is being waged for the future of the world. Kennan, Kissinger warned of the ills of NATO’s expanding eastward

The legendary foreign policy guru George F. Kennan argued in 1948 against any Western attempt to detach Ukraine from Russia and later called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s eastward expansion a major strategic blunder. Kennan was not a lone voice on this point. More recently, during the first Russia-Ukraine war in 2014, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned, “The West must understand that, to Russia, Ukraine can never be just a foreign country.” Kissinger was blunt: “Ukraine should not join NATO. . . . Internationally, they should pursue a posture comparable to that of Finland,” carefully avoiding institutional hostility toward Russia.


Australia Almost 500,000 people across greater Sydney under evacuation orders

Flood warnings are place for some Sydney regions as unprecedented rain causes disaster across Australia’s east coast
‘A faint call for help’Remarkable stories emerge from flood rescues
Australia floodsMap and rain charts show extent of disaster


Hungary will not veto EU sanctions on Russia – Orban

Hungary will not veto European Union sanctions against Russia and the unity of the 27-member bloc is paramount given the war in Ukraine, which Hungary condemns unequivocally, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.


Second round of Russia-Ukraine talks underway

The second round of ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine are underway, the Russia’s foreign ministry tweeted. “Direct talks between Russian and Ukrainian representatives are underway on Belarusian territory. We hope that they bring about an end to this situation, restore peace in Donbass and enable all people in Ukraine to return to peaceful life,” the ministry said.


UAE reinstates visa-free entry for Ukrainians in quick reversal

The Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that Ukrainian citizens will continue to have visa-free entry into the country, two days after it was announced that the policy had been suspended. The UAE is also offering Ukrainians who arrived before March 3, 2022 the ability to stay in the country for up to a year.


Argentina is upgrading militarily in Antarctica, the South Atlantic and Patagonia

A new naval base to provide logistical support to ships, the deployment of uniformed personnel, the development of a new radarization plan and the opening of new air routes with state aircraft.


5.7-magnitude earthquake shakes eastern Mexico

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake rattled eastern Mexico on Thursday, seismologists said, triggering the early warning alarm system in the capital several hundred kilometers (miles) away.


Kyiv, Moscow agree to humanitarian corridors

Second round of talks between delegations from Kyiv and Moscow have ended with the two sides creating humanitarian corridors.

“The second round of talks is over. Unfortunately, Ukraine does not have the results it needs yet. There are decisions only on the organisation of humanitarian corridors,” Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said on Twitter.

Libyan parliament swears in new PM as crisis deepens

Fathi Bashagha is sworn in as the divide between Tobruk and Tripoli threatens to plunge Libya into a new conflict.