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World Daily News – In Brief – Monday 07/03/2022



Russia says it will open humanitarian corridors to Ukrainian cities on Monday

Russia’s military will hold fire and open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities on Monday, the Defence Ministry said.


Ukrainian military to blow up experimental nuclear reactor at Kharkov Institute – ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that “on March 6, foreign journalists arrived in Kharkov to register the consequences of the provocation, followed by accusing Russia of creating an environmental disaster”


Australia to build $7.4bn nuclear submarine base

Australia will construct a nuclear submarine base in the east of the country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Monday.


South Korea’s China ties in focus as presidential elections loom

Analysts expect few fundamental changes to Seoul’s China policy no matter who wins this week’s polls – though they say growing anti-Chinese sentiment will need to be addressed.


Radwa Helmy: Egypt’s first-ever female judge

For the first time in Egypt’s history, a female judge, Radwa Helmy, sat on the podium of the State Council on Saturday, after many years of demands to enable women to work in the judiciary.


Russian delegation arrives in Belarus for talks with Ukrainian officials

The Russian delegation has arrived at the place of the talks with Ukraine, the Belarusian agency BelTA has reported. The third round of the talks is expected to be held in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The Ukrainian side is expected to arrive in the afternoon.


Denmark to hold referendum on joining EU common defence policy

Denmark will boost its defence spending and hold a referendum on joining the common EU defence policy amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The referendum will be held on June 1


Russia approves list of hostile countries 

The Government of the Russian Federation approved on Monday the list of countries “hostile to Russia, its companies and citizens,” as reported by the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.


Brazil has the 10th largest military power in the world

Brazil’s military power is the 10th strongest in the world. The country is the second strongest in the Americas, second on the continent only to the United States, the world leader. The data are from the GlobalFirePower website, which makes an annual survey of the military power of countries all over the planet, called GFP Index.


Orban allows deployment of NATO troops in western Hungary

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has signed a decree allowing NATO troops to be deployed in western Hungary and weapons shipments to cross its territory to other NATO member states.

Third round of talks ends

Ukraine’s negotiator has said talks with Russia aimed at opening humanitarian corridors have yielded some progress on evacuation logistics, but none that significantly improves the broader situation. The two sides will continue talks on a ceasefire.