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Romanian Daily News – In Brief – Wednesday 09/03/2022


. Agerpres

Prime Minister discusses with representatives of energy companies solutions to increase the level of energy independence

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca on Tuesday spoke with representatives of Romelectro, Hidroconstruct, Hidroelectrica, Oltenia Energy Complex and Hunedoara Energy Complex to identify solutions for developing the national electricity production capacity, analyzing the measures to increase the level of energy independence of Romania starting this year.

COVID-19, negative test no longer mandatory to enter Romania, PLF remains in force

People entering Romania no longer have to produce a COVID-19 digital green certificate or the negative result of a test for detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, spokesperson for the Romanian government Dan Carbunaru said on Wednesday, adding that the Passenger Location Form (PLF) will remain in force until it is repealed.

. Ziarul Financiar

Romania’s GDP Grows 5.9% YoY In 2021

Romania’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 5.9% in real terms (in unadjusted data) in 2021 compared to 2020, the country’s statistics board INS said on Tuesday (March 8).

. Stiripesurse

President Iohannis to welcome US Vice-President Harris on March 11

President Klaus Iohannis will hold political consultations on Friday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with US Vice President Kamala Harris, who will be on an official visit to Romania, according to the Romanian Presidential Administration.

. Evenimentul Zilei

Is the price of petrol and diesel exploding in Romania? The United States has announced a ban on imports of oil and gas from Russia.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the decision for the United States banning Russian gas and oil imports will increase domestic gas prices even further, but added that “will do everything possible to minimize price increases.”

. Digi24

“Here, in theory, is a bunker.” The condition of the civil defense shelters in Bucharest. What lessons can we learn from the experience of Ukraine?

“Here, in theory, is a sink, and there are two toilets. And here, an empty room “, says the administrator of a block of flats in Bucharest while touring for one of the 1416 private civil defense shelters located, in the vast majority, in the basements of the blocks of flats in the Capital.

. Hotnews

CEC Bank obtains the first international rating: Fitch BB rating

CEC Bank, the financial institution with the longest tradition and the largest territorial network in Romania, obtains for the first time a rating from Fitch Ratings – one of the top international credit rating agencies.

. Mediafax

Why suddenly Romania eliminates pandemic restrictions Rafila’s response

When asked why Romania eliminates suddenly pandemic restrictions Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila replies that he does not have a very “concrete answer”

. Libertatea

Huge queues at gas stations in Romania, after the rumor that the price of fuel would jump to 10 lei. Energy Minister: “There is speculation”

Gas stations across the country were stormed on Wednesday evening, March 9, and people were frightened by rumors that the price of gasoline could jump to 10 lei per liter, in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

.Romania Libera

Romania has spent almost 55 million lei to come to the aid of Ukrainian refugees

Romania has spent 54.7 million lei to come to the aid of refugees, said the government spokesman, Dan Cărbunaru.