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Romanian Daily News – In Brief – Sunday 13/03/2022


. Digi 24

Israeli Foreign Minister visits Bucharest. He will go to Siret Customs on Sunday

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is visiting Romania on Sunday, then will travel to Slovakia in the context of the Ukrainian refugees crisis, some of whom are Jews.

. Agerpres

Ludovic Orban: If we weren’t in NATO, we would be in Putin’s missile range today

The president of the Right Force Party, MP Ludovic Orban, said on Friday in Slatina that if Romania were not a NATO member, it would be “in the range of Putin’s imperialist aggression missiles.”

. Ziarul Financiar

eJobs Romania: Supply Of Remote Jobs On The Rise

The supply of remote jobs on the local market has increased in the last two weeks to 7.7% from 5%. After a long period of time, the first three regional cities – Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Brasov – are no longer able to surpass or match the supply of jobs in capital city Bucharest, in line with data from eJobs Romania.

. Evenimentul Zilei

Who wants to make the Romanian people a scared, desperate and hopeless 

If we look at the latest events since the beginning of the “war on our borders”, I think we will find that this second type of war, the hybrid war, is already taking place in Romania.

. Stiri pe Surse

Pressure on the Government: trade unionists demand the recalculation of all salaries in the health system

The “Solidaritatea Sanitară” Federation of Romania publicly requests the Government to calculate all the basic salaries of health workers according to the minimum wage.