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World Daily News – In Brief – Saturday 26/03/2022



Russia warns West: gas bills in roubles are just days away

Russia warned the West on Friday that billing in roubles for billions of dollars of natural gas exports to Europe could be just days away, Moscow’s toughest response yet to crippling sanctions imposed by the West for the invasion of Ukraine.


Saudi Aramco’s Jeddah oil depot hit by Houthi attack

Yemen’s Houthis rebels have acknowledged a series of attacks on Saudi Arabia after state media in the kingdom reported rocket and drone strikes targeting an oil depot in Jeddah and other facilities in Riyadh.


US calls for tougher UN Security Council sanctions against N.Korea

The United States called Friday for tougher international sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council, accusing Pyongyang of “increasingly dangerous provocations” after it test-fired its largest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile.


Arms export tops Rs 11.6k crore, up from Rs 1.9k crore in 2014-15

The value of arms exports by India has grown approximately by six times since 2014, with the ongoing financial year registering Rs 11,607 crore till now, the defence ministry said on Friday.


Ecuador’s National Assembly rejects Investment Law

Ecuador’s National Assembly voted on Thursday against the Investment Attraction, Stock Market Strengthening, and Digital Transformation Law proposed by the Ecuadorian president.


Cape Town ranks top in SA as one of 50 most violent cities in the world

Four South African cities have been ranked among the top 50 most violent cities in the world, thanks to their high murder rates. And experts say bringing down South Africa’s murder rate will require a significant effort from the police and local governments.