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Romanian Daily News – In Brief – Sunday 27/03/2022


. Agerpres

Aerobatic plane crashed at Strejnicu, pilot died

An aerobatic plane carrying only the pilot crashed on Saturday in the commune of Târgşoru Vechi, Strejnicu village. The pilot who died as a result of the accident is Dan Ştefănescu, a member of the Iacării Acrobati group, judicial sources told AGERPRES.

. Digi 24

Daylight Saving Time 2022

The time change in Romania, to move to daylight saving time, took place on the night of March 26-27, when the clocks were set one hour earlier at 3:00, which became 4:00.

. Stiri pe Surse

First 20 inter-regional trains to reach Romania in 2023

The Railway Reform Authority (ARF), in its capacity as the contracting authority, and Alstom Ferroviaria, the supplier, on Friday signed the acquisition agreement for 20 long-distance electric frames (RE-IR).

. Evenimentul Zilei

It is mandatory in Romania! Serious fines if you refuse to participate. 2022 census, priority for authorities

The first stage of the 2022 Census has already started on March 14, and Romanians can fill in the forms online. They are questioned about their material possessions and the authorities come with a warning. Those who refuse to participate in the Census will be fined, and the amounts are quite significant.

. Capital

You must declare your pension immediately! It is mandatory until May 25

New pension information. Many retirees probably didn’t know. Some income from pensions is declared to ANAF and is taxed.

. Hotnews

Ambassador David Saranga, on compulsory military service: In Israel, it is a duty to the country and it is a stage in life. 

Israel’s ambassador to Bucharest, David Saranga, says when asked if he thinks European states should follow Israel’s example and introduce compulsory military service, such a decision would be difficult to implement in European countries after decades of peace.