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Romanian Daily News – In Brief –Friday 01/04/2022


. Agerpres

Price hike worries Romanians the most, followed by fear of war

The price hike worries Romanians the most, and this is followed by the fear of war, according to an opinion poll conducted by IRES in March.

. Ziarul Financiar

EBRD Cuts Romania’s 2022 Economic Growth Forecast To 2.8%

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said in an analysis on Thursday that it expects Romania’s economy to grow by 2.8% in 2022, lowering its November forecast that pointed to 4.4% GDP growth.

. Stiri pe Surse

Nicolas Schmit: ‘Romania’s handling refugee situation really remarkable’

Romania had a massive inflow of Ukrainian refugees on its hands and has handled the situation remarkably well, European Commissioner for Employment and Social Protection Nicolas Schmit told a news conference in Bucharest on Thursday.

. Evenimentul Zilei

Pensions are increasing in Romania! Big news for five million Romanians. The money comes directly from the EU

The Minister of European Funds, Dan Vîlceanu, announced that Romania has reached 11 milestones in the PNRR. The reform will also address the inequities that exist among retirees.

. Capital

Given that the National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced on Thursday the increase of the reference index for consumer loans (IRCC), some Romanians will pay higher installments starting Friday, April 1. Who exactly is this about?

The NBR announced on Thursday that the IRCC rose to 1.86% per year, compared to the one published three months ago,  1.17%. The index is calculated as the arithmetic average of the daily interest rates of interbank transactions in the fourth quarter of 2021 and applies to those with variable interest loans.

. Digi 24

Popescu: Romania is one of the least dependent states on Russian gas. There is no reason to panic, we have enough stocks

“I also have a message for the citizens: Romania is one of the least dependent states on Russian gas. So there is no reason to panic, we have enough stocks “, the Minister of Energy also transmitted.