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Romanian Daily News – In Brief – Tuesday 05/04/2022


. Agerpres

PM Ciuca, UNHCR official Mazou discuss Ukraine humanitarian crisis

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca on Monday welcomed a delegation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) led by Assistant High Commissioner for Operations of the UNHCR Raouf Mazou to reconfirm the strategic framework for collaboration between the Romanian government and UNHCR based on the principle of complementariness in the management of the humanitarian crisis of refugees from Ukraine.

. Stiri pe surse

Parliament/Zelenskiy: ‘I am convinced Romania will participate in rebuilding Ukraine after the war’

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said on Monday that he was convinced that Romania would participate in rebuilding his country after the war and mentioned that he wanted a dialogue to support the Romanian and Ukrainian communities of the two countries.

. Ziarul Financiar

Romania Raises RON222M Selling 2036 Bonds At 6.48% Average Yield

Romania’s finance ministry raised 221.2 million lei (EUR44.7 million) on Monday (April 4) selling bonds maturing in 2036, at an annual average yield of 6.48%.

. Evenimentul Zilei

30,000 chartered accountants and chartered accountants oppose the reorganization and restriction of the independence of the profession

A scandal broke out in the Parliament due to the intention of the ruling parties to reorganize the activity of expert accountant and chartered accountant. Following pressure from politicians, CECCAR organized a national conference to find out the views of its members. They unanimously opposed the interference of politics in the work of accounting experts.

. Libertatea

What George Simion conveyed to his Facebook followers during the speech of the President of Ukraine

George Simion was present on Monday at the address of President of Ukraine in the Romanian Parliament. While Vlodimir Zelenski was addressing senators and deputies, the AUR leader communicated live on Facebook with his followers. “We have 500,000 Romanians in Ukraine, which the Romanian political class was not interested in.”

. Digi 24

Romania Expels 10 Russian Diplomats

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared as persona non gratae 10 representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest.