Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Monday 18/04/2022



Greg Hands – British Business, Energy and Clean Growth State Minister 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present the House of Commons with “his version of events” in relation to the so-called partygate scandal this week, Hands told Sky News on Monday. “Parliament returns tomorrow and the Prime Minister will have his say in Parliament, and will outline his version of events and face questions from MPs [members of the parliament],” Hands stated.


Ibrahim Kalin – Turkish presidential spokesperson

During a meeting with the US delegation in Istanbul, Kalin stated that the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine has been “difficult” recently. Commenting on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine he said that “we are entering a new era, the cold war, we must prepare for its future effects. We must prepare for food, energy, cyber security and many other issues.”


Dmitry Peskov – Kremlin spokesperson

Peskov said on Monday that it is “unlikely” that Russia will publish a list of countries agreeing to pay for Russian gas in rubles. He repeated that “there is still some time” for other states to comply.


Cha Duck-chul – South Korean Unification Ministry’s acting spokesperson

“North Korea should immediately halt activities that create tensions on the Korean Peninsula and lead to instability in the regional political situation,” the South Korean Unification Ministry’s acting spokesperson Cha Duck-chul stated on Monday.


Ebrahim Raisi – Iranian President

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that if Israel makes “the smallest move” against the Islamic Republic, Tehran’s military will set the “center of Israel” as its “destination.”