Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Wednesday 20/04/2022



Joe Biden – US President

Asked about his intent to travel to Kiev, Biden noted he traveled to Ukraine “many times” and that he just hadn’t gone there “recently.” “The answer is, I don’t know,” Biden concluded. His comments come after receiving an invitation from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the president’s visit is currently not in the works.


Vyacheslav Volodin – Russian Duma Speaker

“European countries must understand the following … Sanctions against the Russian Federation are illegal. We will return to this topic and consider the damage that you have caused to our economy. You will have to compensate for it anyway. How and when is a matter of time,” Volodin wrote in a Telegram message.


Volodymyr Zelensky – President

In his nightly video address the Ukrainian President said the situation in the port city of Mariupol remains “as severe as possible” and without any changes. Russia has given a new ultimatum for Ukrainian troops to  Mariupol, warning them to “voluntarily lay down their arms” by 2:00 PM Moscow time on Wednesday.


Marine Le Pen – Presidential Candidate

“Fear is the only argument that the current president has to try and stay in power at all cost,” Le Pen said in a new campaign clip on Tuesday. French President Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen will face off on Wednesday at 1900 GMT in a debate which could be decisive in the tight race to decide who will run the country for the next five years.


Alexander Ben Zvi – Israeli Ambassador to Moscow

Israel is ready to host a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi told TASS news agency on Wednesday.