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Romanian Daily News – Wednesday 20/04/2022


. Agerpres

Survey: 60pct of Romanians do not think they will fulfill their dreams due to financial insecurity

Financial security affects one in five Romanians (18%) in meeting the usual needs for a decent living, while 60% of respondents do not believe they will ever fulfill their dreams due to financial insecurity, according to findings of a survey conducted by BRD Asset Management SAI.

. Stiri pe Surse

Romania, EU country with lowest dependence on natural gas imports

The European Union’s dependence on natural gas imports fell slightly in 2021 to 83% from 84% in 2020, but Romania is the country with the lowest dependence on natural gas imports (24%), according to data released by Eurostat on Tuesday.

. Ziarul Financiar

Analysts Expect Central Bank To Raise Key Rate To At Least 4.25%, See Annual Inflation At 8.03% In Next 12 Months

Financial analysts expect Romania’s central bank to increase its benchmark interest rate to at least 4.25%, the national currency to depreciate to an average of 5.082 units to the euro and the inflation is seen averaging 8.03% in the next 12 months, a monthly poll by CFA Romania showed Tuesday.

. Capital

Florin Cîțu spoke about the progressive taxation for the population and the surcharge of companies

Are new taxes appearing in Romania? The announcement that shook the whole country in the midst of the crisis was made by Florin Cîțu himself. He elaborated on the possibility of a progressive tax on salaries and even the surcharge of companies.

. Economica

What is happening to the leu today – interbank exchange rate 20.04.2022

Euro started the day at values ​​between 4.9412 – 4.9426 lei. The exchange rate announced by the National Bank in the previous meeting was 4.9415 lei. On September 22, 2021, the European currency reached the highest level in history, against the leu, at the BNR exchange rate (4.9495 lei).