Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Monday 30/05/2022



Tayyip Recep Erdogan – Turkish President

Turkey is ready to host a meeting with representatives of the United Nations, Ukraine and Russia, Erdogan said on Monday During a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Turkish leader reiterated that his country is prepared to take part in a monitoring mechanism if Moscow and Kiev reach an agreement.

He also stressed the need “for steps to minimize the negative effects of the war and build trust by reestablishing the grounds for peace between Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible.”


Kiril Petkov – Bulgarian Prime Minister 

Bulgarian Prime Minister told reporters ahead of the meeting of EU leaders on Monday that the bloc will be able to agree today on introducing an embargo on the imports of Russian oil.

“I think it will pass with certain derogations… Overall it should pass, depending on some individual characteristics and criteria that member states may have,” Petkov said ahead of the critical meeting the bloc will have today to discuss the topic.


Jose Manuel Albares – Spanish Foreign Minister

Spain “cannot predict if there will be an agreement on oil sanctions” Albares stated on Monday. “There are two goals we have when approving a sanction package. One is not allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to finance his war effort with European capital, and the other is not allowing Vladimir Putin’s war to destabilize the European Union,” he said of the EU meeting.