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Romanian Daily News – Sunday 12/06/2022


. Agerpres

Over 9,300 Ukrainians enter Romania on June 11

More than 95,000 people entered Romania on Saturday, of whom 9,323 are Ukrainian citizens, according to the General Inspectorate of Border Police (IGPF).

.Stiri pe Surse

Chisinau-Bucharest: Dozens of trucks at customs

Dozens of trucks continue to form kilometer queues at the Leușeni-Albița customs.

. Ziarul Financiar

Three-Month ROBOR Ends June 6-10 Week At 6.15% Threshold

Romania’s three-month ROBOR index, the interbank interest rate used as a reference to calculate variable interests for loans in lei taken out before May 2019, grew to 6.15% a year on Friday (June 10) from 6.13% a year on Thursday (June 9), as per central bank data.

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Romania’s majority Orthodox Christians, as well as its Greek Catholic community are celebrating the Descent of the Holy Spirit or Pentecost