Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Wednesday 15/06/2022



Emmanuel Macron – French President

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “will at some point have to negotiate with Russia,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday during his official visit to Romania. “At some point, after we will have helped Ukraine resist, when, as I hope, Ukraine has won and there is a ceasefire, we will have to negotiate,” Macron said, reassuring the European Union will be ready to be a guarantor of security in talks between Kiev and Moscow.


Fumio Kishida – Japanese Prime Minister

Speaking at a news conference in the Tokyo, Kishida said he will be attending a G7 meeting on June 26 before flying to Spain where he will attend NATO’s Summit. He will become the first Japanese premier to attend the summit scheduled for June 29 in Spain’s capital Madrid. The Japanese PM says Europe and Indo-Pacific security are ‘inseparable’, according to Kyodo News Agency.


Fatih Donmez – Turkey’s Minister of Energy

Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced on Wednesday that it plans to re-explore its country’s old natural gas field in the Black Sea. Donmez said these explorations will open up new horizons, adding that “if we evaluate the work taking into account the depth of their implementation, then this is probably one of the most difficult fields in the world.”