Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Friday 17/06/2022



Joe Biden – US President

In an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, Biden asserted that a recession is “not inevitable” for the American economy. According to him the US is the best-equipped nation “to overcome this inflation” and to “own the second quarter of the 21st century.” He also blamed the current situation on the effects of the Covid-19.


Bruno Le Maire – French Finance Minister

Speaking ahead of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting on Friday, Le Maire said that he will do everything in his power to persuade all member states to agree on a 15% minimum tax rate. In addition, he said the primary focus remains to also reduce the burden of inflation across the euro area on households.


Dmitry Peskov – Kremlin spokesperson

Peskov said on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “very impressed” by French President Emmanuel Macron’s insistence on negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The French President said one of the roles taken on by his government is also to “keep the lines of communication open” between Kiev and Moscow and to try to relay messages to either side at a time when direct negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have stalled.


Mario Draghi- Italian Prime Minister

Draghi expressed his doubts on Thursday regarding the true nature of the cuts in gas supplies, which affect all European countries. Russian energy giant Gazprom decided to cut approximately 35% of the gas bound for Italy on Thursday. “A political use of gas exists just as there is a political use of wheat,” the prime minister added.