World Daily News – In Brief – Friday 08/07/2022



Japan’s ex-PM Shinzo Abe shot, reportedly in cardiac arrest

Alleged gunman arrested after attack on election campaign trail


Brazil: São Paulo City Hall cancels Carnaval due to lack of sponsors

São Paulo City confirmed on Thursday, July 7, that the city’s street Carnaval, named Esquenta Carnaval 2022 (“Carnaval Heat Up 2022”), was canceled.


Sri Lanka in crisis: Nearly 6 million experience food insecurity as inflation rises

As the economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues, the country is dealing with shortage of basic necessities like medicine and fuel. As per the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) most recent assessment on food insecurity, three out of every ten households, or nearly 6.26 million people are unsure about where their next meal will come from.


China held military drills upon US senator’s visit to Taiwan

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Friday the country organized joint military exercises, as well as combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan as a response to United States Senator Rick Scott’s visit to the island, the state media reported.


Europe faces Facebook blackout

Ireland’s data authority informs its EU counterparts that it will block the platform from sending user data to the US