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Romanian Daily News – Monday 11/07/2022


. Agerpres

Catalin Drula wins elections for Save Romania Union chairmanship

Catalin Drula won the elections as chairman of the Save Romania union (USR), with 71.3% of the 18,177 votes cast.

. Stiri pe Surse

Romania wins two gold medals and one silver at 2022 European Youth Championships in Belgrade

Romania has won two of the three finals against Poland, at the 2022 DUNAV OSIGURANJE European Youth Championships for cadets (under 15 years old) and juniors (under 19 years old), in Belgrade, on Sunday.

.Evenimentul Zilei

Drought creates major economic damage for Romania: “The problem is very complicated for farmers”

The drought is increasingly affecting agricultural crops in our country, and meteorologists do not bring good news for Romanian farmers, because the rains remain deficient, alternating with frequent hot spells, which endangers this year’s crops.

. Economica

The rise in energy prices in the market does not stop

Data from the energy market operator in Bucharest, OPCOM, show that prices in energy transactions for future delivery continued to rise rapidly, even last month. If nothing changes, the shock that customers will feel when the price caps are raised will be terrible. Until then, however, the state will have to pay increasing amounts to suppliers to cover the difference between actual costs and capped prices.

. Bursa


“There are companies at BVB that will be of interest to investors in the second half of the year”