SEE Markets Indices Closing Daily – Tuesday 26/07/2022


South East European stock exchanges closed on a mixed note on Tuesday following the European Union’s decision to cut gas use by 15% for the period starting in August this year and ending in March 2023. Hungary opposed the plan, calling it ”unjustifiable, useless, unenforceable and harmful,” while some other countries expressed their concern about the way the EU intends to handle the energy crisis. At the same time, the negative sentiment was backed by some predictions saying that the bloc may face recession in the third quarter. Meanwhile, the IMF lowered its global GDP forecast for 2022 and 2023. The global inflation, Ukraine crisis and related sanctions and countersanctions, as well as ”a worse than anticipated slowdown in China” caused by COVID-19, have been marked as the main reasons for cutting the global output growth predictions this month. All this continues to downgrade the market sentiment.

1. ATHENS – ATHEX 0.04%
2. BELGRADE – BELEX15 0.32%
3. BUCHAREST – BET -0.06%
4. ISTANBUL – BIST 100 -0.45%
6. NICOSIA – CSE GI 0.03%
7. PODGORICA – MNSE 10 -0.87%
8. SARAJEVO – SASX10 -0.03%
9. SKOPJE – MBI 10 -0.08%
10. SOFIA – SOFIX 1.36%
11. ZAGREB – CROBEX 0.37%