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World Daily News In Brief – Tuesday 01/11/2022



Netanyahu bids for comeback in tight Israeli election

Israelis began voting for the fifth time in less than four years on Tuesday, with former premier Benjamin Netanyahu bidding for a comeback in a race likely to turn on a far-right party that has risen from the fringe to become a potential coalition kingmaker.


Malaysia’s ruling UMNO aims for ‘simple majority’ in parliament

Scandal-hit UMNO, the country’s largest and oldest political party, is among the front-runners in the race to secure a mandate at the polls. However, the Hope Pact led by Anwar Ibrahim is also seen as a favorite, especially among voters in urban constituencies.


Truckers block roads in 17 Brazilian states in protest of Lula da Silva’s election

Truckers blocked highways in 17 states this Monday (Oct. 31) in demonstrations against the election of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


Moscow suspends grain deal

Strikes on energy infrastructure and Russia’s decision to suspend participation in a UN-brokered grain deal were in response to an alleged Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow’s fleet in Crimea, President Vladimir Putin has said.


Seoul crowd crush: PM and police admit failures as memorial services held

South Korea’s prime minister, Han Duck-soo, has called Saturday’s deadly Halloween crush in Seoul a “disastrous accident that should not have happened”, as the first memorial services were held amid growing public anger.