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World Daily News In Brief – Friday 02/12/2022



Russia ‘open’ to talks on Ukraine but presses demands after Biden comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin is open to talks on a possible settlement in Ukraine but the West must accept Moscow’s demands, the Kremlin said on Friday, a day after U.S. President Joe Biden said he would be willing to speak with Putin on ending the war.


Imran Khan attempts provincial power play to spur Pakistan polls

Ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s quest to force snap elections has taken a turn, with the former leader calling off major street protests and instead adopting a new political strategy.


Peru: Cerrón fuels the confrontation between Castillo and the Peruvian Parliament

The leader of far-left Perú Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, has asserted that the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, has no other option than to “dissolve Congress.”


Ramaphosa delays parliament appearance over ‘Farmgate’ corruption scandal

The government of Cyril Ramaphosa has plunged further into crisis, a day after an an independent panel appointed by parliament said there was evidence suggesting the South African president committed “serious misconduct” after millions of dollars in cash were reportedly stolen from his private game ranch almost three years ago


China accuses UK of ‘gross interference’ over Taiwan visit

China has accused a committee of British legislators visiting Taiwan of “gross interference” in its internal affairs and warned that it could be “met with forceful responses”.