World Daily News In Brief – Thursday 08/12/2022



More arrests expected in German coup plot in coming days, say authorities

German authorities expect further arrests and raids in the coming days in connection with a far-right group that prosecutors say were preparing a violent overthrow of the state to install a former member of a German royal family as national leader.


As US watches on, China-Saudi relations grow in importance

Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Riyadh for a three-day trip, underscoring the constantly growing importance of Sino-Saudi relations, and a clear message from Saudi Arabia that it will not take diktats from the United States.


TSMC founder Morris Chang says globalization ‘almost dead’

The father of Taiwan’s chip industry said geopolitics have drastically changed the situation facing semiconductor makers and warned that “globalization and free trade are almost dead,” and unlikely to come back.


Peru’s Pedro Castillo announces dissolution of Congress

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, against whom impeachment and replacement proceedings are pending today, announced in a message to the nation the dissolution of Congress – an act not seen in the Andean country since Alberto Fujimori’s self-coup on April 5, 1992.


Netanyahu secures parl’t majority, to form government

Israeli designate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has secured the necessary majority in the parliament after reaching a deal with the Shas party on Thursday. He is expected to form a government in the coming days following Israel’s fifth election in the last two years.


WNBA star Brittney Griner was freed from Russia in a prisoner swap for an arms dealer

WNBA star Brittney Griner is free Thursday after the Biden administration negotiated her release from a Russian penal colony in exchange for an arms dealer, according to a senior administration official.