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Romanian Daily News – Wednesday 15/06/2022


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PM Ciuca thanks France for its military presence in Romania, on occasion of welcoming President Macron

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca sent a message of thanks to France for its military presence in Romania as part of NATO’s rapid reaction force, on the occasion of welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron to Romania.

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Price gouging law to define excessive pricing

Romania’s price gouging legislation will have clear provisions defining excessive pricing, Chairman of the Trade Competition Council Bogdan Chiritoiu told a conference on Tuesday on trade competition challenges in a new economic context organised by the Competition Council and Pria Events.

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Romania’s Total External Debt Down EUR66M to EUR134B in Jan-April

Romania’s total external debt shrank by EUR66 million to EUR134.5 billion in January-April, of which direct public debt accounted for EUR56.3 billion, EUR2.4 billion lower than on December 31, 2021, Romania’s central bank data released on Tuesday show.

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Fuel prices continue to go up across the EU, including in Romania

Romania continues to look for alternatives to Russian oil, after the European Union reached a compromise to discard most of the oil imports from Russia. Meanwhile, fuel prices continue to grow, considering Bucharest is importing 70% of its oil demand. 40% is imported from Kazakhstan, while 30% from Russia

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The number of pensioners in Romania has dropped drastically. Tens of thousands of people in just three months

The number of retirees has fallen sharply recently. According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are 60,000 fewer retirees than at the end of 2021.

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Great news for hundreds of thousands of Romanians. The state will provide assistance to all those in this situation

Good news! Through the First Connection program, families or low-income people will receive state aid to connect to public water and sewerage networks. The support measure targets, more precisely, those with a net income of up to 2,550 lei.

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92% of entrepreneurs anticipate new price increases for their products and services – survey of the National Council of SMEs in Romania

About 92.5% of entrepreneurs anticipate new increases in the price of their products/services, and more than three-quarters of them (77%) said they would increase by 10-30%, according to a poll released by the National Council of SMEs on Tuesday in Romania.

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Blockades at the borders, at Siret customs, the trucks wait 15 hours

Almost all border points are crowded, and the worst situation is in Siret, towards Ukraine. The waiting time to leave the country is 900 minutes, and on return, 120 minutes. At Isaccea, where the crossing is made by ferry across the Danube, the waiting time is 300 minutes. Problems on the border with Ukraine have arisen due to the increase in freight traffic.

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Coalition talks on Wednesday: Lowering the ceiling on micro-enterprises, raising VAT in Horeca and on sugary drinks – sources

Some fiscal measures to be applied next year have been agreed in the Coalition. According to some political sources, the ceiling for micro-enterprises is changed from 1 million euros to 500,000 and a 1% tax is paid from an employee (it remains to be seen if anything changes with regard to those with 3%).