Politicians Talk

Politicians Talk – Tuesday 21/06/2022



Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader and deputy prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski has resigned from his position in government, Polish news agency PAP said. “I’m not in the government right now … I have already submitted a motion to the prime minister and it has been approved. As far as I know, the president has also signed it,” Kaczynski said, according to PAP.


French President Emmanuel Macron rejected Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s offer to resign in the wake of this weekend’s parliament election result, said Macron’s Elysee office. Borne took office in May following Macron’s win in the presidential election but has faced calls to resign after the National Assembly election. Macron argues the government must “remain on task.”


The Netherlands’ Energy Minister Rob Jetten told journalists on Monday that the country had activated the first phase of its gas crisis plan. “The cabinet has decided to immediately withdraw the restriction on production for coal-fired power stations from 2002 to 2024. This means that coal-fired power stations can run at full capacity again instead of the maximum of 35 percent,” Jetten said.


Hungarian Foreign Ministry Peter Szijjarto offered assistance in food exports from Ukraine. “We offered to help deliver food from Ukraine through our territory. The Hungarian-Ukrainian border is safe because Hungary does not supply weapons to Ukraine, and the Red Cross, for example, takes advantage of this,” Minister Szijjarto said after a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg. He also stated  that “Hungary has logistical capabilities with which” it “can quickly export wheat and other products from Ukraine to Africa or the Middle East.”